About Us

About Us

VanFire Charities is how firefighters help people when they’re not at the firehall.  Firefighters raise funds, then build programs to help in-need people directly. All programs and fundraisers are managed by off-duty Vancouver Firefighters, who give their personal time, and also donate funds directly to VFC through voluntary payroll donations.


The job of over 700 Vancouver Firefighters is to protect citizens' lives and property, responding to all hazards and emergencies. But it doesn't stop there and they don't stop at the end of their shift. In 2015, Vancouver Firefighters voluntarily donated over 3,000 off-duty hours to charities, and over $150,000 from their paycheques.


In 2016, the Vancouver Firefighters' Payroll Donation program will raise over $145,000 for charitable programs. For example, in 2016, the Snacks for Kids Nutritional Program will ensure that 150,000 food donations will be made to almost 700 at-risk youth in Vancouver schools. This represents one child supported per Vancouver Firefighter. These children come to school hungry, but they don't stay that way! VFC has other programs as well.


The VFC supports a multitude of organizations throughout the Lower Mainland, including CKNW Orphan's Fund, Burn Fund, BC Children's Hospital, VGH+UBC Hospital Foundation, Muscular Dystrophy Canada, Vancouver Hospice Society, Honour House, Canadian Breast Cancer Society, Children’s Heart Foundation, BC Kidney Foundation, The Looking Glass Society, Prostate Cancer Canada, KidSport BC, and many more.



Who We Are


During the Great Depression, Firefighters provided food and clothing to the underprivileged on what became know as "Sunshine Days". Vancouver Firefighters have continued this tradition over decades as they donate both their time and money to support a wide variety of important charitable causes.


The Vancouver Firefighter Charities (VFC) is an organization operated entirely by the Firefighter employees of Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services (VFRS). While the VFC operates its own events, under its own direction, it does so with support from the VFRS, through provision of fire apparatus and other considerations at some of the events that the chariable contributes to. This support is very much appreciated.


The VFC is proud to partner with many other charitable organizations throughout the Lower Mainland to provide presence, volunteers and support at their own events. In addition, VFC-owned programs provide financial support to a number of organizations, meaning that single donations go a long way in the community.



Vancouver Firefighters. 700+ members strong.


More than 700 men and women comprise Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services, each of who is fiercely proud of his or her work and is dedicated to serving the people of this city. Each member's job is to protect the lives and properties of Lower Mainland citizens, but it doesn't stop there and members don’t stop at the end of their shift. 


Vancouver Firefighter Charities is incredibly diverse in terms of its scope and realized mandate. The charitable participates in program development and execution, numerous fundraising activities, and actively partners with other important charitable organizations throughout theLowr Mainland.


Through the charitable, members of VFRS are deeply involved in the community and spend thousands of hours supporting dozens of worthwhile charities, including BC Children's Hospital, Muscular Dystrophy Canada, the BC Lung Association and the BC Professional Firefighters' Burn Fund.

Fundraising is a tradition that started almost a century ago, and it was made official in 1998 with the launch of the Vancouver Fire Fighters’ Charitable Society, now named Vancouver Firefighter Charities.


Did you knowFirefighters don’t just fight fires.


Firefighters respond to all types of medical calls and are usually the first ones on scene. Firefighters rescue people trapped in elevators, they have delivered babies, and they give first aid to people caught in accidents or in medical distress. They are trained to deal with hazardous materials, shut off water, pull people from car wrecks, and perform all manner of light and heavy urban search and rescue.


Firefighters are key role models for the youth in the local community and spend a lot of time in schools teaching fire prevention and basic first aid skills. They are also visible members of society, helping out with various community initiatives such as the Vancouver Sun "Raise-a-Reader" day, and sharing information about their valuable occupation.


And when they aren't out on calls, or volunteering in the community, firefighters are constantly learning. They train and perform drills on every shift, they clean the truck, check equipment and hold hall tours for the genearl public. They attend block parties, and are out conducting fire inspections on buildings in thir neighbourhoods.


Firefighters are the “call for anything, anytime” department, and have the resources to handle almost any emergency.