Fundraisers and Events


The revenues from VFC fundraisers are used to fund both VFCS Programs in the City of Vancouver and support other worthy charitable organizations. The largest yearly fundraiser to date is the Firefighter Payroll Donations Program which in 2016 will raise $145,000, while the longest running fundraiser is the Hall of Flame Charity Calendar, which has raised over $1,000,000 to date. 


VFC events include days such as the Variety Club Boat for Hope, the Vancouver Yacht Club Children's Cruise, monthly Wheelchair Hockey at the Wednesday Social Club, Kidsport Hockey Day, the Vancouver Sun Raise-a-Reader, and others. these events are where Vancouver Firefighters donate their personal time for other charitable organizations to ensure success.



First Cause Ride

First responders as a group are suffering through the crisis of PTSD and mental illness. Despite this there are no first responder specific treatment programs available in Western Canada. This campaign aims to change that! First responders are committing suicide and contracting PTSD and other mental illness at a much higher rate than the general population because of their job. This is a sad fact, and exposure to Traumatic experiences through our job won't go away. But how we deal with it...that does need to change. Please help get this brand-new much-needed PTSD and mental illness program off the ground by donating some spare change here today. Thank you so much, and please help spread the message by sharing on Facebook, Twitter, email, and everywhere else!

ALS Shoot for the Cure

Fire in Your Kitchen

Fire In Your Kitchen is a unique dining experience designed to bring great food, learning, and firefighters to the community.

Hall of Flame Calendar

The Hall of Flame Calendar was conceived and first implemented 30 years ago by Vancouver Firefighters. Today, the Vancouver Firefighter Charities designs, produces, and distributes this calendar each year, with the help of private sector sponsors and volunteers.

Payroll Donations

Umbrella Day

In 2016, over 800 umbrellas were sold on Umbrella Day and, in conjunction with The Flying Pig Gastown, who hosted the evening gala, more than $100,000 was raised for the VFC’s Snack Program.

Other Events

These are events that have taken place through the hard work and effort of the Vancouver Firefighter Charities and its amazing volunteers. Many of these events were one-off events, requiring significant time, funds, and energy to produce, which is not currently sustainable for the VFC.

Partnered Events

Throughout the year, the Vancouver Firefighters' Charitable Society helps a variety of other charitable organizations in the Lower Mainland. Volunteers attend events, provide support, conduct fundraising efforts, and provide a presence for the charitable, while helping local charities have successful events. Although these events do not directly support the VFCS, they support social programs throughout Vancouver, and provide additional platforms for the VFCS to engage with the community.