How to Help VFCS

How to Help the Vancouver Firefighter Charities


There are many ways that you can help the Vancouver Firefighter Charities.




While Firefighters donate event person-power and leadership, certain other skillsets are graciously donated by Community Professionals. These people form the VFC Community Battalion Team. If you are interested in Community Service, are a Professional, and have a like-minded ethos to that of the VFC, perhaps you can help too! Learn more.





The VFC offers several ways to help in terms of financial donations from the Public. This support is greatly appreciated, and funds are put to good use. The VFC would like to thank you in advance for your meaningful donation! All donations recieve a tax-deductible Charitable Receipt, and there are many ways to donate.


Donations make possible both the delivery of Community-Focused programs and also the ability to support other critical Charities, such as the Burn Fund, BC Children's Hospital, CKNW Orphan's Fund, Colon and Breast Cancer Canada, the BC ALS Society, and many other non-profit organizations. 





Sponsors are businesses and organizations that provide services and support in lieu of direct financial donations. Services range from media advertising for events, to calendar distribution in retail outlets, provision of incentive prizes for events and fundraisers, and even to armoured car services! VFC sponsors allow the charitable to better get the name and brand out in the public eye, and also enhance fundraising efforts. The outcome of this support is simple: enhanced benfits and quality of life for some of the least fortunate members of our community.

If you are a business owner, a person of influence within a business, or a decsion maker capable of helping, there are numerous opportunities available for you and your business to help the VFC perform its critical mission. Click here to contact the VFC about Sponsorship Opportunities!





The VFC is actively engaged in partnership development with the Corporate Sector. The goals of these partnerships range in scope, but are always beneficial for all parties involved. The outcome of all partnerships are simple: increased benefits and quality of life for the citizens of Vancouver, British Columbia, and Canada as a whole. Both Funding and Fundraising Partnerships are available.


Funding Partnerships


The VFC has a number of community programs for which there are opportunities for the corporate sector to provide funding support. Current programs include the School Snack Program, Playground Build Program, and School Sports Equipment Donation Program. There are many other programs in development - often the barrier to implementation is funding. Perhaps your corporation would like to fund an entire VFC program, or a component of one, or perhaps you have a desire to create and fund a new VFC program? In any case, the VFC would like to hear about it.

Fundraising Partnerships


The VFC has opportunities available for the corporate sector in terms of signature fundraising events. An example of a fundraising partnership is the partnership with Fresh Air Cinema for the Stanley Park Summer Movie Series. If you are a Corporation, and would like to explore Funding or Fundraising Partnerships that fit within your Social Ethos and ours, please contact the VFC.

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