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Toronto Raptors Support Snacks for Kids Program


Vancouver, BC | September 30, 2016: The Vancouver Firefighter Charities Snacks for Kids program supports a number of schools throughout Vancouver. Two of those schools are Britannia Elementary and High School, and recently, Grade 11 boys and girls basketball teams recently lost their coach, Eric Ming, following a lengthy battle with leukemia. Eric played such a huge part at the school and in the basketball community overall, and his illness and passing have been tough on everyone.


Toronto Raptors players, after selecting to partner with the VFC and financially supporting the Snacks for Kids program, wanted to do something special to give back to both of these teams after losing their coach. On September 30, Raptors team members organized a bowling event for the Britannia team at the Commodore Lanes with 12 firefighter volunteers.


Not only was every single Britannia team member surprised (and over the moon) when the entire Toronto Raptors team joined firefighters for the event, but they were all treated to a Raptors shirt and a basketball as gifts.


Huge thanks to the Toronto Raptors for their generosity and kindness at a difficult time, Justin Mulcahy and fellow Vancouver Firefighters for volunteering their time at a memorable community event, and Mitra Tshan, the Vancouver School Board contact for Brittania, and without whom this event would not have been possible.