VFC Programs


The VFC has embarked upon a path of community focused charitable giving initiatives, with the goal of directly helping citizens in need. To accomplish this, programs are developed with the help of community stakeholders, such as the Vancouver School Board and the Vancouver General Hospital & UBC Hospital Foundation.


These programs range in scope and target group. The VFC provides snacks for youth in Vancouver schools, clothes for needy children, and sports equipment as well! There are many other programs in development that will further benefit Vancouver's youngest citizens, as well as needy senior citizens, and physically challenged individuals.


Snacks for Kids

Vancouver Firefighters feel that no child should go hungry at school. With this in mind, VFC partners with the Vancouver School Board to ensure that snacks will go to children in need. The snacks are distributed discreetly through an accessible distribution system that allows the child to participate anonymously without fear of humiliation or being judged by peers.

Sports for Kids

Vancouver Firefighters embrace the importance of fitness as a lifestyle. Active youth leads to better scholastic performance, better health outcomes, and a tendency to stay away from substance abuse as they get older. With this in mind, the VFC has partnered with the Vancouver School Board to “fill the gaps” in school funding for sports equipment, and in personal equipment funding for children in low-income neighborhoods.

Lifelines for Seniors

The Vancouver Firefighter Charities has committed $10,000 to the STAT (Short Term Assessment and Treatment) Centre at VGH which supports elderly patients before they are discharged home.

Toys for Kids

Through the generosity of the Lloyd & Elsie Campbell Foundation, the Vancouver Firefighter Charities has been named among other provincial charity organizations, as the recipient of a legacy fund donation specifically dedicated to providing children with toys during the holidays.

Other Programs

The Vancouver Firefighter Charities has created a number of other programs throughout the years that focus on additional aras and members of the community.

Clothes for Kids

Many children in low-income neighborhoods have a need for quality clothing, especially when the winter months come. To help meet this need, the VFC is partnering with the Lower Mainland Christmas Bureau to find out who these children are, and to put high-quality clothes on their backs. This program is funded with the VFC Member Payroll Donation Fundraiser.